No Bake Sweets

When you say chocolate, I'm listening. If you're the same, you'll love a batch of easy no bake bars featuring an oatmeal cookie-like crust and a filling that's loaded with chocolatey goodness. A great treat to put together while Sunday's stew simmers!

Sandwich Inspiration

Good sandwiches are the stuff of dreams, but these aren't just pipe dreams. Put those inspirations into your next casserole and call it dinner. Philly cheesesteak sandwiches get transformed into a quick, delicious casserole.

Weeknight Shorts: Clever Comfort

Cooler weather means comfort food and you can have that, even if you've got less than a half hour to make it happen. Put away the pizza delivery guy's number and grab one skillet. You are about to make a fantastic dinner in 20 minutes.

Autumn's Candy

Before you release your ghosts and ghouls on the neighborhood, make sure they have something a little healthy. Make it simple with a gorgeous salad that showcases the beautiful colors of autumn. Sneak a little of nature's candy into the mix before trick or treating!

Lentil Love

If you haven't cooked much with lentils, it's time to embrace their versatility, vibrance, and — well — deliciousness! While I love them in everything from salad to casseroles, my first lentil love is soup. If you've not experienced what they can do for a bisque, get ready for a treat!


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