Celebrate National Soyfoods Month

Embrace healthy comfort food by incorporating tofu into your favorite recipes. Think of it as the cheese of the soyfood world and, since April is Soyfoods Month, there's no better time to explore these versatile ingredients!

Weeknight Shorts: Take In!

Forget take out. You can just keep things all in the kitchen when you put together your favorite Chinese restaurant favorites right at home. A handful of ingredients and less than half an hour of effort will get you one of your favorites on the table.

Bread Alone?

Sometimes you have such wonderful bread that you need to make it the star of the show. Now, I'm not suggesting it be only bread, but you can showcase your favorite loaf by building layers of your favorite ingredients on its perfect foundation.

Capping Dinner

Portabella mushroom caps get the main course treatment when they are stuffed with a cheesy pasta filling and sprinkled with garlic-butter bread crumbs before being baked to perfection. Add an elegant salad and a glass of white wine and dinner is served!

Spring Decor Updates

Spring is a great time to freshen your interior and it doesn't have to break the bank. Whether it's metallics, specific colour tones, textures, there is likely something to appeal to everyone and bring your decor into 2018.


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