Weeknight Shorts: Spicy Soup

Some soups take hours or even days to make just right. Fortunately, some of the most flavorful ones can be made in about a half hour and warm you body and soul. After all, the distance between soul and soup is just a few letters!

More Winter Comfort

Stuffing vegetables is a great way to work additional vitamins, minerals, and fiber into our winter diets. And when you stuff adorable carnival squash with a shepherd's pie inspired filling, you've got comfort food at its best.

Happy Anniversary!

Late last week, Seasoned Cooking turned 20! That's right, this little corner of the Internet has been sharing food wit, wisdom, and recipes for 20 years. To celebrate, last weekend, the old version of the site which was presented in an electronic magazine format instead of the newer blog format got an internal update that has added more 1,700 articles and 2,700 recipes to the existing blog content in Drupal, the software we use to organize and publish this website.

Appliance-Aided Braising

When braising traditionally tough cuts of meat, it used to mean having a pot on the stove for hours and no way to leave it unattended. Now, with a crockpot or instantpot, you can have Korean Beef Short Ribs any day of the week without a lot of work.

Winter is for Soup

You might notice a few more soup recipes here and there this time of the year. That's because winter is for soup and embracing our favorite flavor combinations in its warm embrace. This time around, stuffed cabbage rolls are the inspiration.


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