Bayou Bites

Continuing the adventure begun with a couple of smoked chickens, some great Cajun cuisine finds its way to the table. A great dish like jambalaya gets a smoky boost with both smoked chicken and smoked chicken stock in the recipe!

A Drop of Smoke

A smoked chicken inspires a delicious smoked chicken stock and it's only a hop, skip, and a jump from there to an egg drop soup that will have you wanting to include it as part of all of your meals. Get that recipe, along with the basics of how to make about three quarts of stock.

Smokin' Summer

Recently, I started using my smoker. Now I will never look at little bits of apple or hickory wood the same, my eyes are always peeled for great sales on whole chickens or large loin roasts, and I find myself sniffing intensely when the familiar waft of wood smoke wanders into my neighborhood … and I couldn't be happier!

Have a Healthy Summer with Quick and Easy Recipes

Next time you are thinking that the only way to make the kids happy this summer is to fill them with chips and soda, consider the value of teaching them how to make and enjoy healthy snacks that bring a nutritional boost with them.

Tasting the Mediterranean

The desire to enjoy fresh vegetables in something other than a stir-fry inspires a fun dish that brings together flavors from the Mediterranean into a dish brimming with asparagus, garlic, and tomatoes and a fun yogurt sauce for drizzling.

Sweet and Tangy Pie

When life hands me rhubarb, I inevitably make pie. Now, while strawberry-rhubarb is pretty traditional, a new favorite has emerged in my nest: Blueberry-Rhubarb Pie. Once you realize that putting it together takes mere minutes, it will become one of your favorites, too.

Spicy Summer

Pasta might not seem like a very summery option unless it is starring in a pasta salad. Well, have no fear, it can definitely be just what summer ordered when it's loaded with grilled chicken and a spicy, smoky cream sauce. What's more, this is a fast dish that's perfect for entertaining. Happy Summer!

Turning Up the Heat

As summer barrels toward us, we find ourselves busy with end-of-school activities, community events, and efforts to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. Don't waste lots of time in the kitchen when you make Quick Thai Noodles.

A Drop of Summer

A tall icy glass of lemonade is part of what summer is all about. So why not capture some of that refreshing flavor in a little cookie? The result is a sweet treat you'll want to have around well past the season for enjoying lemonade in the park!

Thinking Disorder

How do you manage to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy when, day after day, there are conflicting stories about what is and isn't good for you being set before you at the media buffet? Maybe it's time to, yes, gather your information, but spend more time actually thinking about what to do (and not do) with it.