Mixing It Up

Kitchen tools can help make the difference between cooking drudgery and cooking bliss. Whether they can multi-task and take on many kitchen duties or they reliably perform one important task faithfully, a good cook loves good tools. This time around, my stand mixer and I tackle a sweet challenge: brownies.

Slow Cooker Fusion

It's dinner time. Are you going to go out for Tex-Mex or Chinese? Why not stay in and have both without spending much effort or money on the meal? Think it's the stuff of pipe dreams? Think again! It's time to get out your crockpot and let it cook dinner for you!

Ultimate Candy Bars

Sometimes, you just want something sweet. If you are lucky, you can reach for a candy bar … one you've made, of course! Get a simple recipe for a decadent treat just in time to start your weekend right. Oh, how sweet it is!

When Life Gets Busy, Make Pot Roast

No -- really! You can let your slow cooker make a perfect pot roast for you while you spend a busy day working, playing, or some combination therein. All you need to do is plan a little ahead and be ready to pour some glasses of wine and set out some bread to soak up the gravy this super dish provides for you.

Pizza and You

The evening before Valentine's Day brings a talk about love to the table and hilarity ensues. Here's hoping your day includes love and brings you joy. In the end, that's what Valentine's Day is really about for me, even if Hallmark might have its own ideas about that!

The Best Thing About Being A Pirate

Watching a cute film together inspires a mid-week menu that's bursting with flavor and featuring incredibly simple ingredients and methods. It's time to share the best part of being a pirate with you. I'll give you a hint: it's not the cutlasses or the looting!

Valentine's Day Recipes That Please Your Taste Buds

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Find great ideas for spoiling your loved ones, including recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth and your sweetie! Everything from chocolate-dipped strawberries to decadent cheesecake will do the trick.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry … Cookies?

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, sweet treat can be found everywhere. Get all the great flavor of chocolate-covered strawberries without the mess and fuss in a great cookie that's perfect for sending to school or the office.

The Birth Of The Chocolate Chip Cookie

Some food is more than just a sweet treat. Sometimes, it's the stuff of memories. That's where chocolate chip cookies fit into the picture for many of us. But do you know how these sentimental morsels came to be? Find out in this fun journey down memory lane.