Falling Salads

September is a great time to take advantage of the last of summer and the beginning of autumn, in terms of produce. That means it's also a great time to enjoy salads, especially ones that combine interesting ingredients and contrasting flavors. To that end, here's Bacon-Apple-Arugula Salad.

Sunday Brunch Heaven

A trip up north to celebrate birthdays introduces others to the joys of Bacon Belgian Waffles. If this is something you've yet to experience, I highly recommend choosing a lazy weekend morning and get ready for a treat. Make them mid-to-late in the morning and enjoy alongside cups of hot coffee and fresh sliced melon. Before you know it, you'll be planning weekend brunches featuring these waffles monthly or more often still!

Baby Back Ribs: You Won't Order Them Out Again!

Making baby back ribs isn't hard, but it is time-consuming. But don't let that stop you. Most of the time doesn't require your attention and it is oh-so worth it. And as summer gives way to fall, there's no better time to slow-roast them in the oven and then follow up with grilling. They are the perfect seasonal transition food!

When Life Hands You Apples ...

The gift of a half a bushel of sweet, wonderful cooking apples is not to be ignored. Applesauce and more are just around the corner! Get my "recipe" for perfect, simple applesauce that will find its way into oatmeal, over pancakes, sprinkled with raisins and enjoyed by the bowlful.

Beyond Comforting Food

Celebrating Labor Day involved cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. And bacon. This is not a recipe for the faint of heart. This is also not a recipe for those suffering from heart disease. This is, however, my favorite baked pasta dish ever. Let's just say it was beyond comforting food!


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