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November 1999 Issue
What! More Turkey?
by Ronda L. Halpin
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If you're planning a festive Thanksgiving feast for your family -- complete with a huge roasted turkey -- but are dreading the leftovers, this month's column is for you. I'm rolling out my favorite post-Thanksgiving recipes that will breathe new life into all of that turkey.

The key to serving lots of leftovers is twofold:

  1. Pace yourself. If you find that you have tons (or close to tons) of turkey left, try freezing some of it or sending care packages home with some of your guests.

  2. Be creative. The best way to serve that bird over and over without hearing moans from the table is to send it in with a new look. Serve it as a soup one night and an appetizer the next.

The recipes offered in this column go out of their way to adhere to tip #2. Everything from a spicy chili to a crunchy egg roll takes advantage of leftover roasted turkey. In case the whole turkey roasting thing has you nervous, I've even included a basic recipe for roasting the Thanksgiving bird.

However, if you're planning a meal for a small crowd and still think making turkey is too big of a bite to take, remember that roasting a chicken, goose, or some Cornish hens can be just as satisfying as the traditional turkey. And, with a smaller project to tackle, you might not be facing as many leftovers. Of course, if you find yourself with some, you can always substitute that for the turkey in any of these recipes.

Speaking of recipes, here they are:

Enjoy and have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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