A Pressing Matter

Cubano sandwiches take hearty bread and layer all manner of amazing fillings into it before pressing them into a warm, crisp, gooey sandwich that's got so much flavor going on, it's hard to describe the individual elements without a recipe. Fortunately, we've got one of those!

Grill Fry

Like stir-fry? Like grilling? Get a grill pan and put together these concepts for a dish that's decidedly summery and simple to get on the table, even when there's not a lot of time or energy available at the end of the day.

How to Create the Perfect Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Now that the temperatures are hitting their peak and the kids are going back to school soon, we have an idea that will make you the coolest parent on the block! Why not invite all the neighbors over for an ice cream sundae bar?

Half Hour Dash: Salmon Lo Mein

The final installment in our series on quick summertime meals that leave time to enjoy, you know, summer is here. This time around, we take your favorite takeout and give it a delicious twist. Grab your chopsticks and find a picnic table!

Summer Sides: Israeli Couscous

The final installment in our series on great side dishes for the summer focuses on an overlooked ingredient that's perfect for summer salads. I'm talking about one of my kitchen powerhouses: Israeli couscous.


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