Flavor from the African Continent

Blending everything from tender chicken to bold spices to creamy peanut butter brings us a bowl of West African comfort food: peanut stew! So grab your favorite pot and expect to be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to enjoy this classic dish at home.

Fusion Lasagna

Forget folding when it comes to tacos. It's time to get the layers on! By blending two fun culinary concepts — tacos and lasagna — you can assemble a casserole-style dinner with south-of-the-border flair!

10 Alcoholic Desserts for the Boozy Baker

Experience mouthwatering, mind-altering bliss in every morsel of an alcohol-infused dessert when you get some ideas on how to safely and deliciously include alcohol in your sweet tooth's favorite finds.

Butternut Bisque

As March begins, weather can be entirely unpredictable. Make sure you have some warmth in store with delightful recipes like this one, featuring sweet butternut squash, the earthy bite of your favorite curry blend, and a swirl of creaminess that only a good bisque can deliver!

Modern Tech for the Home Chef

Looking to update your kitchen? If a total remodel is out of your range — in either price or effort or both — consider setting your space up with some fun modern tech to help out in the kitchen and streamline your cooking process.


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