The Good, The Great, And The Ugly

Sometimes, oftentimes I'd argue, a tasty dinner is far more important than a pretty plate at the dinner table. With that in mind, get ready for a simple white chicken chili recipe that will have you reaching for seconds, if not a camera!

Not Your Average Caramel Corn

Need a change from the ordinary on movie night? Spend a bit more time than it takes to pop popcorn and make a batch of Chipotle Bacon Caramel Popcorn. You'll be opting to stay in and watch movies at home with snack foods like this on hand.

Leftover Makeovers

Sometimes, when you make a large batch of something for dinner, you face the prospects of endless leftover boredom … unless you plan ahead. Many leftovers can be quickly and easily given a new lease on life with some simple makeovers. Get some great ideas on how to do just that!

Weeknight Shorts: No Secret in the Sauce

Sometimes you aren't in the mood to pull out a saucepan and create the perfect sauce for ribs from scratch. Is there shame in that? Not at all! What's more, there are some really fantastic options out there for putting together dinner in a snap if you have a couple of great bottled sauces and a slow cooker.

High-Tech Tools To Make You the Master of the Kitchen

Move over microwave ovens, electric can openers and fancy-pants mandolin slicers, there are some new high tech tools in town that can help make even novice chefs true masters of the kitchen. From machines that actually remove heat from food to coffeemakers that do what you tell them to, a gaggle of gastronomic gadgets can make creating meals easy, fun and exciting.


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