Weeknight Shorts: Grab Your Chopsticks

Stir-fry is a great way to get dinner on the table in minutes. It's also incredibly versatile. This time around, it's time to see how you can take shrimp and broccoli to the next level by making a creamy, spicy sauce that will have you putting this dish on the menu again and again.

Eating Solo

Sometimes, when I'm on my own for dinner, I take a crack at combining culinary themes I haven't blended before. Sometimes, it's a flop and other times, a new favorite is born. Introducing Reuben Nachos!

Weeknight Shorts: Makeover Cole Slaw

Cole slaw finds its way onto plates as second fiddle to sandwiches or fried fish, but it never gets a starring role. What if you could tweak lowly cole slaw such that it became dinner's center piece? It's time to make a healthy main dish cole slaw with an Asian twist!

Kitchen Tools: Bread Machines

Having finally assembled a rye bread recipe for my bread machine that I really enjoy, it's time to put together one heck of an inspired reuben sandwich. Spending less than 10 minutes to prep the bread and making corned beef in the slow cooker make it a snap!

Splitting Prep

Sometimes fussy meals just seem that way when you pile all of the steps into a busy little slice of time. Instead, consider how you might split the time it takes to put a complex dish together into steps that can be done well before it’s time to eat. Suddenly, fussy is just planned … and company-ready!


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