Casserole Comfort

If you think you need a can of tuna or ground beef in order to get a comforting casserole on the dinner table, you've got another think coming! It's time to take advantage of beautiful produce and creamy dairy to get dinner on the table.

Moroccan Menu: Grilling Kebabs

Lowly ground beef is transformed into a Moroccan-inspired beef kebab when the combination of spices and the searing heat of the grill meet. Meet the star of our Moroccan menu and get ready to set the table!

Moroccan Menu: Beautiful Rice

If you think rice is boring, it's time to investigate the beauty and flavor imparted to this pantry staple in places like Morocco. Studded with brightly-colored bits of dried fruit and bringing the aroma of saffron and cardamom to your table, this simple rice will become a new favorite.

Moroccan Menu: Cooking with Clay

Roasting vegetables in a clay pot results in a tender, caramelized, simply heavenly side dish. Add Moroccan spices to the mix and you've got the makings for a feast. All week, we'll be featuring recipes from a Moroccan menu.

Weeknight Shorts: Slow Cooker Takeout

Before you reach for the phone or opt to order online, consider dusting off your slow cooker and letting it handle dinner instead. Tangy, spicy orange chicken is easy to get on the table when you use your kitchen tools.


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