More Slow Cooking Twists

People are used to using slow cookers to make soups and stews, but have you considered turning to it to make spicy, tangy orange beef? If you happen to have a rice cooker, you can have a brilliantly flavored asian treat without much in the way of hands-on time at all.

Global Cuisine United: Part One

Sometimes, we spend a lot of time looking at our differences or finding the gaps between us. Well, when it comes to the kitchen, I've found there's a lot more commonality to celebrate than differences. Let's start an adventure that takes a look at just a few kitchen gems that unite us!

A Meal-by-Meal Guide to Valentine's Day for Foodies

If you and your partner love food almost as much as you love each other, why not plan a delicious food-and-love-themed Valentine's Day? Cover everything from breakfast in bed to dessert under the stars for a romantic day filled with wonderful flavors.

Taming the Turkey Leg

Turkey legs are notoriously tough. Instead of trying to chew through them or, worse yet, throw them out, consider using your slow cooker to render them a wonderfully tender ingredient in a tasty south-of-the-border soup.

Weeknight Shorts: Fast & Fancy

With February focusing attention on fancy dinners and romantic opportunities, let me hasten to suggest that both of those things can happen at home and keep more money in your wallet. Or at least allow it to be used for that amazing chocolate and wine you have for dessert!


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