Blending Fire and Ice

It's that strange time of the year when you need a warm jacket in the morning and a pair of shorts by afternoon. The seasons are dancing and unsure which should be taking the lead. It can be a frustrating time, but it's also filled with beauty. Delight in it a bit with a scoop of ice cream that blends spicy hot cocoa flavors with the chill that lingering summer requires.

Tasting the Essence of Summer

Combining grilled chicken with fresh tomatoes, basil, and creamy mozzarella gives you the taste of summer in one bite. What's more, it can be put together in about a half hour … so what's stopping you?

Feeling Fruity

Summer calls for enjoying fresh fruit as often as possible. Try getting a variety of your favorites by combining them in a salad with a tangy-sweet dressing. It's a great side for all of your summer favorites and a perfect picnic or potluck offering.

Snap To It

When life hands you a bunch of sugarsnap peas, get out your canning jars and make a delightful summer treat! Pickled Sugarsnap Peas are quick to make and add a fun element to salads, appetizers, or snacks.

Snack Time

Summer affords opportunities to cook and bake with the youngster and more desires for a proper snack time. What to do with these gifts? Well, fill them with sandwich-inspired muffins, of course. The well-loved PBJ gets the muffin treatment this time around!


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