Baking Without Eggs and Dairy

I don't do it often, but sometimes I'm either out of eggs or have just one or two I'm saving for something else and I will bake without eggs. After all, you don't need to have eggs (or even dairy) on hand, but a day without chocolate cake is just a little cloudier than it needs to be!

Changing Times

Sometimes, you find yourself surrounded by the comfort food of your past and swimming in sentimentality. Other times, you look at your ingredient list and realize your menu has expanded in all of the good ways!

Beyond Burgers

Ground beef is for more than just hamburgers. Take a look at a delicious Middle Eastern twist on ground meat that will have your family surrounding these kebabs with everything from pita bread to creamy yogurt sauce and the best veggies the end of harvest season has to offer.

Fusion Tacos

When it comes to making tacos, think beyond Mexican fillings. When you have sweet and spicy Asian-inspired pork on hand, tacos can become a blend of cultures. Add pickled cabbage or kimchi and thinly sliced radishes, and they are lovely too!

Autumn Mornings

Apples and cinnamon blended in a warm, cozy baked breakfast is part of the appeal of autumn. When you can achieve those things in less than half an hour and enjoy the warm, delicious-smelling kitchen for hours afterward, it's a match made in heaven!


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