Weeknight Shorts: No Boil Gnocchi

Don't bother with a stockpot for this quick meal. Packaged gnocchi gets fried to give it a crisp exterior and a tender interior. Then it gets a quick trip to Greece with seasoned chicken, sautéed tomatoes, wilted spinach, and tangy olives.

How to Make Nachos 7 Ways

Before the big game this weekend, spend a little time planning and you can have an amazing array of nachos to offer friends and family before, during, and after the game. Get everything from a video tutorial to the ultimate guide for your very own nacho party.

Chicken Under Pressure

A whole chicken can take hours to braise in the oven or minutes to cook in a pressure cooker. Get a set of simple steps to set you up with Sunday dinner and the makings for stock, casseroles, and more later in the week.

Weeknight Shorts: Inspiration in a Bottle

Have you ever had a bottle of sauce in your cupboard that begged you to put together a dish that's something special to help highlight its unique flavor? I don't find myself in that situation often, but when I do, the cold dead of winter can give way to spicy tropical shrimp noodle bowls!

Breakfast in a Pan

If you make a little plan, you can have breakfast in pan without a lot of work in the morning. Imagine sitting down with a cup of coffee in your favorite chair and just relaxing while breakfast takes care of itself!


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