Meatless Comfort Food

Combining oven-roasted tomatoes and baked, breaded cheese transforms pasta into a flavorful, creamy dish that you will want to curl up with and savor. It's a great potluck dish that appeals to vegetarians and carnivores alike. Just in time for the holidays!

Football Party

I'm not really a football fan, but I am a fan of the tradition of gathering together and enjoying all manner of snacks and small bites. So, in the spirit of camaraderie that brings fans of all kinds together, I'm offering a warm, cheesy dip that will have everyone cheering.

Inside Out

The secret to warming yourself from the inside out? Good, comforting soups. But, in this day and age, who has time to spend hours simmering a soup on the stove? You don't need to if you have a slow cooker on hand. Get a hearty soup that will have you and yours smiling without spending much time in the kitchen.

Candying Apples

Move over, caramel. Candied apples can come in all kinds of varieties. One of my favorites is a multi-layered treat featuring the flavors in s'mores. They take a little time to make and are a beautiful mess to eat … and are worth every minute and every napkin required!

Wrap It Up … In Bacon

Bacon is very hot right now. You might even say sizzling! (I couldn't resist!) But have you spent any time investigating how well-suited it is as a wrapping for your favorite foods? Consider it the most delicious ribbon for keeping your favorite foods together in the pan, oven, and/or plate!


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