3 Grilling Recipes to Make Your 4th of July Barbecue a Hit

With perfect weather and a hot grill at the ready, it's time to celebrate Independence Day in style! Everything from inspired burgers to smoky, fruity salsa is on the menu. Of course, kids and adults alike will love the grilled corn with a cilantro-lime glaze!

Thinking Inside the Packet

Putting dinner together inside an aluminum foil packet gives you less mess to clean up and the flexibility of choosing either the oven or the grill for putting dinner on the table. Have I also mentioned that it's delicious?

Bayou Bites

Continuing the adventure begun with a couple of smoked chickens, some great Cajun cuisine finds its way to the table. A great dish like jambalaya gets a smoky boost with both smoked chicken and smoked chicken stock in the recipe!

A Drop of Smoke

A smoked chicken inspires a delicious smoked chicken stock and it's only a hop, skip, and a jump from there to an egg drop soup that will have you wanting to include it as part of all of your meals. Get that recipe, along with the basics of how to make about three quarts of stock.

Smokin' Summer

Recently, I started using my smoker. Now I will never look at little bits of apple or hickory wood the same, my eyes are always peeled for great sales on whole chickens or large loin roasts, and I find myself sniffing intensely when the familiar waft of wood smoke wanders into my neighborhood … and I couldn't be happier!


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