No Soggy Bottoms

I love making pie, but like making my life easier with convenience products that have been tweaked a bit and my no-fail solution to the ever-constant threat of a soggy pie crust when making fruit-filled pie: nutella!

Flavor Blending Ham

With Easter just around the corner, many folks are planning for a lovely baked ham. Take your ham game up a notch by putting together a simple, yet stunningly delicious glaze and get ready for applause at the table!

Ooey Gooey

Whether you are looking for a decadent snack or the perfect accompaniment to a festive pasta dinner, it's hard to argue with hot cheesy bread that you can pull apart at the table and enjoy on its own or dipped in wayward sauce.

Quick Rice

If you think the only way to get a rice dish on the table quickly is grabbing instant rice from the grocery shelves, you've not made rice (and its many variations) in a pressure cooker. Find out how elegant bacon mushroom pilaf can be yours in under 15 minutes.

Instant Success

If pressure cooking calls to mind exploding pots and cowering in fear, you might want to introduce yourself to the new diva in culinary circles. Riding a wave of popularity that began last summer, the Instant Pot is getting dinner to the table in record time.


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