Seafood Week: Use the Plank!

Grilling fish and delicate seafood on a water-soaked plank allows you to impart the flavors of the grill without drying out your dinner. If you're a fan of spicy food, this recipe for maple-sriracha salmon grilled on a cedar plank is just for you!

Seafood Week: Ahi Tuna

Cooler weather often has us filling up on heavy meals. So this week, we're sharing a few of our favorite seafood recipes. This time around, we're serving elegant ahi tuna and you'll be thrilled at how quickly such a dish can go from a thought to a reality on your plate.

Brunch Ease

Make ahead brunch dishes are a weekend dream. You get the decadent meal you so desire, but also a laid back morning in which you can savor your coffee, read the paper, or just pause and enjoy a little bit of having nothing to do!


When a bunch of favorite foods find their way into a main dish salad, it's a healthy, delicious dinner without a lot of fuss. And that can be an especially wonderful thing, particularly when the list of favorites comes from an intrepid youngster who loves exploring food and cooking.

Holding Onto Summer

It's official: fall is here. But you can hold onto summer, if only a little bit, by making a batch of decadent, tropical treats that are brimming with lime, coconut, and pineapple. You could always pull out and make a blender drink to accompany them, but coffee or tea works well too.


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