Rotisserie Chicken: Just the Basics

About once every month or two, my family heads to Costco to grab some of our favorites and discover new treasures. Always on the list are two of their yummy rotisserie chickens. They are inexpensive and, if you plan a bit, make so many meals with so much variety, you'll be thrilled at how very clever you are. This week is all about sharing some of those secrets and making sure everyone gets their fill, fall cooking style!

The first thing I do when we get our rotisserie chickens home is open one up and tear some of the meat into chunks, which we then tuck inside big 'ol croissants which we also picked up and maybe some sliced cheese and tender greens for a yummy sandwich. I usually either toss together a green salad then or made potato or pasta salad earlier in the day. It's a fast meal that gives time for running the original errand and additional time to take apart the chickens and make stock later.

And if you need a reminder about making stock, check back to this guide on stocks from our archives. Part of why I always pick up two birds is that our Instant Pot easily holds two carcasses and making twice as much stock takes as much time as making less of it. The meat you've taken off the bones can be put into freezer bags and stored until you're ready to use it.

And trust me, you'll be ready to use it soon because the rest of the week will feature a couple of my favorite ways to use rotisserie chicken. We're finding even more reasons to love the stuff as we keep in mind that we'll be talking turkey before too long!