3 Sugar Substitutes for Your Baking Needs

Our sweet tooth’s love sugar, especially during the holidays. Not to mention, sugar is in almost everything we eat. However, as we all know, too much sugar in our diets can do more harm than good. Many Americans suffer from diabetes and have to monitor their daily sugar intake. Failure to do so can increase the risk of health issues in the future.

On the bright side, there are many great sugar alternatives that we can use when baking. This can be extremely helpful if you are looking to manage your sugar intake or reduce it overall. Here are three sugar substitutes that you can use to minimize your sugar intake level:

  1. Whole Fruit: Unprocessed and unsweetened whole fruits work great as natural sugar. Whole fruits not only reduce your sugar levels, but also help with your digestion. Fruits that are high in fiber include apples, strawberries, and pears. When baking, replace sugar by blending fruit into your batter. This will give your baked goods an extra sweet flavor.
  2. Stevia: Stevia comes from a South American plant named “candy leaf”. The amount of sweetness in this plant is very high, so you’ll only need to use very little. On top of baking, stevia works well as a substitute in sugary drinks. You can use it to sweeten up beverages such as lemonade and mixed drinks.
  3. Monk Fruit: Monk fruit extract is a zero-calorie sweetener. Despite it being zero calories, it is much sweeter than normal sugar. When you buy monk fruit extract, there’s a good chance it’s mixed with other sweeteners as well. If this leaves you concerned, make sure to check the ingredients before purchasing.

Converting Your Sugar Substitutes

Sugar substitutes work like magic, but be careful when converting the measurements. Some substitutes are actually much sweeter than normal sugar, so you don’t want to overdo it. Every substitute is different, so you’ll need to do a little research before baking.

To help you convert measurements and keep track of your favorite recipes, Everlywell created some helpful sugar substitute printables perfect to keep in your kitchen as a go to baking resource. Click the button below to download the printables.

Just because you’re monitoring your sugar levels, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favorite sweet treats. Substituting sugar with these substitutes can help you satisfy that sweet tooth without the added guilt.

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