Bread Art

No recipe this time around, though if you are looking for an appropriate "canvas" for this project, might I suggest making this excellent Parmesan Focaccia and making an edible bit of artwork on top instead of the recommended coarse salt and pepper?

Since focaccia is one of many types of flatbreads out there, it lends itself well to being a canvas for edible art. I used a combination of fresh herbs (including garlic chives, sage, basil, flat leaf parsley, thyme, and more), buffalo mozzarella rounds, and a brightly-colored seasoning blend. I opted for a natural scene, since the items I was using lent themselves well to that. Then it was simply a matter of snipping herbs to size and adding to my canvas until I felt it was "full" enough. I sprayed the top of the bread lightly with olive oil before baking.

I really enjoyed the way the cheese bubbled up and gave the finished bread a touch of whimsey, as if there were dandelions tossing seeds to the wind. Again, your imagination is the only limit on this, though thinly sliced vegetables, herbs, and cheese are lovely options for a project like this.

And did I mention that the bread is delicious too! I served mine sliced with additional cheese and seasoned oil. It makes a lovely appetizer or accompaniment to the season's many soups. Enjoy making (and eating) your masterpiece!

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