Breakfast Bruschetta

If you've never experienced the casual morning meal that is breakfast bruschetta, this needs to be rectified and there's no time like the present! You really need two things:

  1. a loaf of really nice bread, sliced thinly and toasted (butter optional, but quite nice), and
  2. creativity - the sky really is the limit when it comes to toppings!
And given the bounty of gardens and farmer's markets alike, it's a great time to enjoy.

Before I just leave you to it, I'll offer a bit more in the way of guidance. Try to assemble a mix of sweet and savory toppings. Cured meats, bacon, diced olives, fresh herbs, cheese, flavored oils, chopped nuts, honey, jams and marmalades, sliced fresh fruits, and lightly scrambled eggs all are wonderful. And this time of the year, roasted eggplant mixed with garlic and tomatoes tossed with balsamic vinegar are also quite lovely.

For the bread, freshly baked is best. Slice it thinly and have it toasted. I actually like to brush it with a butter and olive oil mixture and toast it in a skillet until it's golden and crispy. In the end, I have little toasts that are amazing all on their own and only become more fantastic when each little flavor palette takes shape!

Finally, embrace layering. Proscuitto on toast is lovely, but it's even better when there's a little schmear of cream cheese, some fresh dill and thinly sliced green onion, and even a little sprinkle of coarse salt, sesame seeds, and garlic on top! Don't limit your toppings to just one lonely item - give them company and let your taste buds be the beneficiary!