The Art of Sandwiching Leftovers

Since I work from home, lunches often consist of sandwiches or leftovers. If I'm lucky, I might even manage a leftover sandwich. Now, that might mean I assemble a sandwich from leftovers that started out being served as a sandwich, but some of my very favorite sandwiches incorporate leftovers that did not. It's fun to sandwich them. Yep, I just verbed that. Thinking outside the box — or the deli — is very much what giving these leftovers new life is all about.

Take one of my favorite ways to make fried fish. The potato chip crumbs lend this fish to a simple reheating in a skillet over medium-high heat. Then, I toss my warm fish between two slices of bread along with lettuce, tomato, and some mayonnaise (or, if you're lucky, some really good tartar sauce) and I've got one fantastic sandwich on my plate!

A similar approach can happen with all manner of leftovers. Be creative and mix up the bread (wraps or flatbread anyone?) and condiments (don't forget horseradish or pesto!) to keep things fresh and fun. Everything from meatloaf to really fun options, like sandwiching a fried egg between two slices of pizza to make a bizarre and amazing pressed sandwich, awaits you!

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