New Year's Eve Taco Buffet

2018 is nearly here and it's time to welcome the New Year. With all kinds of joyful (and perhaps not-so-joyful) chaos happen in the last few months (or all of them), New Year's Eve is - for me - the perfect time to have fun, casual food with friends while we watch gloriously awful movies, play any number of games, build a roaring fire, and generally enjoy one another's company. That is the perfect space in which to have a taco buffet. Make sure you have great drinks, simple condiments, and glorious fillings and then nibble the night away!

To help cover your beverage needs, we've got you covered with a great recipe for making pitcher after pitcher of sangria. Choose fruit that's easy to get where you are … so many varieties play well with this recipe, so themes are absolutely possible. If you are looking for other tropical and tex-mex drinks (anyone up for a margarita?), we've got those too! Cheers!

When it comes to condiments, make sure you have the standards: shredded cheese, sour cream, and salsa can be your foundation. Then get creative. Shredded radishes, pickled red onion, or charred corn relish all come to mind. You can even opt for guacamole, although a long-lived party might see it brown before the night it over. I tend to favor using fresh cilantro for a dash of color and saving the guac for another time.

And, of course, no taco party would be complete without a bevy of great fillings! I adore pork, especially when it brings with it a fusion flavor. And fish can bring a lighter element to a buffet that might otherwise feel a bit heavy. Walleye tacos are particularly amazing if you can find this tender fish nearby. And, of course, my favorite method for putting pulled pork carnitas on the table is a two-step process that uses slow cooking plus grilling. It's a bit time-intensive, but oh-so worth it! And a little splurge on New Year's Eve is just what you're looking for!

So grab some friends and family and plan a potluck buffet to ring in the New Year. After all, it's hard not to be positive when you're having amazing food that conjures images of warm sandy beaches and sunshine for days. Happy New Year to you all. See you in 2018!