Learning More About Spanish Cuisine

Whether it's understanding how to use chorizo to add depth of flavor to a dish or which wine to drink straight from the bottle and which to use in sangria, Spanish cuisine offers us a blend of flavors, textures, aromas, and colors to delight you and your guests. Think it might be time to learn more? Find out how in this fun beginning to a Spanish adventure!

Versatility Wrapped in Paper

When making sure everyone gets fed, there's something to be said for having items on hand that can serve multiple roles. This time around, I'm offering a muffin recipe that has a little bit of everything and holds its own as part of breakfast, brunch, snacktime, or even dessert!

Local Chef Wins Big

A chef winning a James Beard Award is like a scientist winning the Nobel Prize for research. It's a huge honor and I'm thrilled to share that a local chef, Chef Tory Miller of L'Etoile in Madison, has won this year's for the Midwest. Many congratulations to him and his dedicated team!


Those that have the opportunity to enjoy fresh produce by way of a community sponsored agriculture share (or regular trips to your local farmers' market) know that now is the time when things really start to become truly breath-taking in the kitchen. Beautiful salads, tender rhubarb crisps, and stir-fries to make anyone drool become common on tables that are fortunate enough to experience CSA joy!

Cooking with Wine

Are you concerned about using wine in your cooking? Do all your dishes end up swimming in Merlot or drenched in Chardonnay? Not sure how to balance the natural flavors in your food with the wine you have in your home? Get some great advice about how to do so without covering the flavor of your food and, before you know it, you'll be visiting your wine rack as often as you visit your spice rack when turn on your stove!

Lazy Day Dinner

Do you have a go-to recipe for an easy dinner when you're not feeling like fussing much in the kitchen? I do. And it's a fantastic way to feed your family and leave your house smelling fantastic. Super simple baked chicken thighs can be easily paired with rice and a green salad and you've got dinner with minimal work.

Delicious Low-Calorie Meals

Wondering how to lose weight for the upcoming summer without sacrificing flavor and satisfaction? Look no further in this quick look into how your favorite foods can remain favorites without destroying your weight loss goals.

Topping It

When you're putting together a casserole, what's your go-to topping to give it that extra flavor and texture? I'm sharing my favorites and asking you to do the same. Some are tried and true, while others are a bit more unexpected. Add in the option of layering and the possibilities are endless!

Microwave Seafood Recipes

Seafood is quick and easy to make. Using your microwave makes it even moreso. Before you get concerned that rubbery seafood is a guarantee, consider this guide to cooking delicate fish and seafood perfectly using your microwave and get a great recipe for Mussels With Garlic Cream Sauce.

Madison Craft Beer Week

Did you know beer has ideal serving temperatures, just like wine? It can also be paired with foods and other beverages. It even has health benefits! Find out more about beer with a fun infographic from and then check out Madison's Craft Beer Week event guide and, if you are in the area, get out and learn even more.

Candy Apple Dreams

A little nostalgia for a favorite carnival treat becomes the inspiration for a great cake. Layering a beautifully spiced apple cake with pillows of apple filling and a rich coating of sweet, sticky caramel results in bliss. Add a generous sprinkling of chopped peanuts and you've got a cake that's paying proper homage to the best carnival caramel apples.