Festive Dogs

Baking chili dogs makes this meal a fusion of fun summer food and something almost like a casserole. It also makes it a surprisingly simple and quick weeknight meal or even the kind of thing you can tote along to the park or a tailgate party.

20 Berries and How to Use Them

We're finding ourselves at peak berry season, but do you limit yourself to what you can find on the grocery store shelves? Find out about the wide world of berries, how they can be used, and what kind of health benefits they provide.

Savory Brunch

A strata using leftover waffles brings a bit of decadence to the brunch table - which is precisely what brunch is for! Round it out with fresh fruit and all the fixings and you will have a weekend morning meal worthy of the name brunch.

A Cup of Kisses

Summer entertaining begs for portable food that can be easily enjoyed in the great outdoors. This is also true when it comes to desserts. In that spirit, enjoy this grab and go recipe for brownie cups each sporting a delicious chocolate kiss!

Weekday Shorts: Quick Sausage Pasta

Lazy days of summer often give way to schedules that are startlingly busy. Get dinner on the table in less than a half hour with a simple pasta dish that's brimming with flavor and sure to be a hit, even if picky eaters surround your table.


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