Summer Lunch

Summer is a very busy time of the year, but I'm also fortunate to have fresh summer ingredients on hand to make a quick lunch seem downright decadent. Beyond that, it also can be the start of inspiring other meals later on.

Sizzling Salad

July offers some hot weather. Embrace the sizzle with a stunning caesar steak salad that keeps all the heat out of the kitchen by firing up the grill. Blending grilled items with gorgeous fresh produce and traditional ingredients like parmesan cheese and creamy dressing makes dinner divine.

Day Old Bliss

Some donuts on their way to stale become the foundation of a stunning brunch dish that will have everyone asking you about your morning meal secrets. Packed with fresh blueberries and sweet preserves, there's no need for added sugar in this recipe!

Hearty Salad

I often make salads in the summer that last well in the refrigerator and serve as lunches during the week for me. So it will come as no surprise that some of my favorites include tender lentils. In fact, I've been known to keep a bowl of cooked lentils on hand to make salads super fast!

More Two-Stepping

The key to quick, juicy grilled chicken is parboiling and an amazing mop sauce. Parboiling makes time on the grill quick and is a great solution to questions about weekday grilling. Parboil in advance and you can have amazing grilled chicken on the table in less than half an hour!


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