Better With Age

The holiday season has come and gone. Now we’re left to unstring the lights, take down the tree and figure out what to do with all of our leftovers! Holiday meatloaf and pots of leftover soup are worked into so many different dishes to make sure they’re eaten before they spoil. Although some food needs to be consumed right away, some of our favorite leftovers and comfort food actually taste better if you let them age!

Take a look at this infographic from where they list 20 foods that get better with age to learn more about how this works. This guide gives information about how to serve, store and age a variety of foods so you can get the most flavor and quality out of them. Did you know that classic chilli actually tastes sweeter and richer after sitting for at least a day? This is because the sitting period gives the flavors time to blend together. Check out their guide below to see all of the other dishes you can spice up by aging your food for a few extra days or months.

food that gets better with age infographic

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