2018 Thanksgiving Guide

Later this week, we'll be firing up our ovens, gathering friends and loved ones at our tables, and sharing an epic meal while giving thanks for all our blessings. Gratitude can often seem in short supply and pausing long enough to share a meal together happens far too rarely in this busy world, but Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to enjoy the comforts of home with loved ones and a meal that is made with care. And don't worry — if you've still got question marks along your menu plan for Thursday, we've got you covered!

When you consider the main course, turkey is usually front and center and we've got a couple great ideas from the archive to help guide you. Maple-Chipotle Turkey has enough kick to keep you awake without starting any fires. But don't worry - even kids love the added sweetness that maple syrup brings to the game. A more traditional Thanksgiving turkey flavor profile can be found with our famous Mayo-Seasoned Turkey. This recipe is so popular because it's easy to assemble and nearly impossible to dry out! What's not to love? If you'd like to consider some nontraditional main courses, make sure you take a look at our article from 2015 highlighting 3 Wild Game Feasts for Your Family This Holiday Season.

When it comes to sides for the big day, the key is balancing dishes that require oven and stovetop time with those that can either be made ahead or don't require cooking at all. One of our favorite roasted vegetable dishes of all time also works beautifully for Thanksgiving. Curried Crack Roasted Veggies are easy to prepare and you can pick and choose your favorite vegetables to include in the mix. They also roast quickly alongside a turkey or even a pie. Since most people have a huge meat-based centerpiece at their meal, Thanksgiving is actually an excellent time to explore some vegetarian side dishes. Way back in 2000, Victoria's Vegetarian Victuals presented us with a bevy of great vegetarian sides ranging from Camembert Fritters to Baked Pumpkin and many others. And to give your appliances a break, make sure some fresh vegetables make their way to your table with a beautiful, simple salad like the Sun & Flowers Salad. Your Thanksgiving table will be just stunning!

If you're looking for ideas instead or in addition to those outlined above, remember to search our site for Thanksgiving ideas or browse our Recipe Archive for literally thousands of recipes for your big day. Happy Thanksgiving!

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