8 Mocktail Recipes to Celebrate Summer's End

Back to school is a busy time of year for kids and parents alike. Between summer camps coming to a close and getting back into a school year routine, it’s tough to jump right into groove of things.

As a toast to the end of summer and before the fall rush sets in, why not celebrate with a party for you and the kids? Think of it as a Goodbye Summer Bash because there’s nothing quite as fun as celebrating a parting-of-seasons! Instead of hosting another BBQ or dinner party, pick a theme and go all out. Pick your favorite color to use as a theme, if you have a favorite food then go with that or something more specific works too!

No matter what party theme you select for your send off to summer celebration, you’ll need refreshments for everyone to enjoy. Between juices and soda pop, you might want to mix up your drink selection. Enter the mocktail.

So, what is a mocktail anyways?

Mocktails are fun faux cocktails that kids and parents can enjoy together. With an array of different flavors and garnish options, there’s a special drink for everyone. To help you pick out a few mocktails for your drink menu, Gifts.com put together a collection of mocktail recipes. From a mock sangria to a coconut cucumber cooler, these beverages are anything but mockworthy.

Browse through the options below and let us know which one is your favorite!

There are many occasions that call for you to raise a glass with friends and family. Now, you can be prepared with a drink in hand no matter the time or circumstance.

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