6 Hearty Soups for the Fall

The transition from summer heat to brisk fall brings many seasonal transitions. From pulling out your favorite sweater from the back of your closet and locating your much-needed rake, to turning on the heat for the first time, there are loads of exciting aspects to preparing for the autumn weather.

Needless to say, one of our favorite ways to get into the autumn spirit is by using fresh local and seasonal ingredients in our recipes. And nothing says fall like a wholesome soup.

Find the best looking butternut squash, apples, or pumpkin at your local farmer's market or grocery store and get cooking with these 6 soup recipes by Kitchen Cabinet Kings! If you’re hosting a get together, consider pulling out your slow cooker to keep the soup warm and pair it with fresh baked rolls or your best bread recipe.

Once you’ve picked out the soup recipe that you want to tackle, consider pairing it with more fall delicacies like mulled apple cider, candied nuts, and bruschetta bites. Don’t be afraid to make recipes your own by adding your own fresh-picked herbs or simple garnish!

Special thanks to Kitchen Cabinet Kings for sharing this helpful infographic to help satisfy your fall soup cravings.