Play With Your Food

My daughter loves hard boiled eggs. And by love, I mean she will sit down and eat half a dozen at a time if we don't stop her! Fortunately, I've discovered a way to slow her down and keep her limited to a couple at a time: decorate them. Now, before visions of Easter eggs show up, let me show you what I mean:

These little "mice" — I think they actually look like some weird blend of mice and little dogs — can be quickly assembled.

  1. Peel eggs
  2. Use a sharp knife to cut a flat bit on the eggs so they don't roll
  3. Use the same knife to cut small slots for the ears
  4. Cut 2 small carrot coins and 1 small carrot stick for the ears and tail - set aside
  5. Set the coins into the ear slots
  6. Using a toothpick, make holes on either end of the egg for the tail and nose
  7. Slot the carrot stick into the tail hole
  8. Press a whole peppercorn into the nose hole - you may need to press it a bit with the toothpick to get it to stick
  9. Use 2 black sesame seeds as eyes. They just stuck to the egg without any additional supplies needed
  10. Await squeals of glee from children and child-like adults!

Whether you are surprising someone with these cuties or getting your youngsters in on the project, it can be a fun snack or breakfast and gets a smile from anyone who sees them!

For more detailed information on boiling the perfect egg, check out this handy guide from Delicious Meets Healthy. Everything from soft boiled to hard boiled is covered.

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