Throwing a Bacon Bash!

Who doesn't love bacon? It's crispy, sweet, and delicious! So for your next event, try throwing a bacon-themed party! Delight your guests with yummy food, fun games, and more. From young children to adults, you can throw a party that will delight all ages. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Bacon bashes are not the most popular party theme, but there are still some store-bought decorations you can purchase. Start with a party supplier like Oriental Trading. They have some great bacon balloons and bacon candy that will surprise your guests. To add a little variety, you can also add in some pig-themed touches, such as these pig paper plates. Items featuring pigs will likely be easier to find, so you can check out your local party store for some ideas. If you are more of a creative type, there are plenty of ways to make some bacon decorations DIY style. Have a lot of kiddos attending? Make a bacon piñata! Bacon follows a fairly simple pattern of being red with white stripes. You can create almost anything with this design; use your imagination and soon you will have a bacon tablecloth, bacon streamers, and more!

Activities for Kids

Such as the aforementioned piñata, children should be involved in all the bacon fun too! It's easy to create a fun game of pin the tail on the pig, or research some interesting bacon trivia to quiz them with. You can even create your own bacon word puzzle! Use a generator to make word search with a theme like "Everything You Can Put Bacon On." The kids will get a kick out of searching for all the food words they can think of, and you'll be putting their little minds to work too!

Food Recipes

When throwing a bacon party, your guests will of course be looking forward to eating some! Avoid disappointment by offering a variety of dishes that feature everyone's favorite treat, along with some plain bacon for everyone to snack on. Some easy crowd-pleasers include bacon mac and cheese, BLT sandwiches, and bacon-wrapped hot dogs. These are all fairly easy to make, and are sure to get your guests' mouths drooling. Be sure to also put out some foods that go well with bacon, such as pancakes or salad, just in case you have some vegetarians in attendance. And don't forget the desert! While it may be thought of a breakfast or lunch food, real bacon-lovers know it has a place in every meal. Bacon maple cupcakes are a sweet treat, or if you are looking for something simpler, chocolate-covered bacon is another easy sweet.

Specialty Drinks

For the adults in attendance, all will expecting some Bloody Marys. The classic cocktail is paired best with bacon, but offer some other additives too, like pizza rolls and beef jerky. Don't be limited by this common staple; there are plenty of other drinks that are delicious when some bacon is added. Buy some bacon-infused vodka and go to town! Bacon martinis are great, and you can even make a Bacon Old Fashioned! You may want to even leave some options out for guests to create their own concoctions ... you might find a delicious new bacon cocktail!

You can never have enough bacon, so show off your love for the crispy treat with a fun party for all ages. Between the food, decor, and activities, you will be a sizzling host.