10 Alcoholic Desserts for the Boozy Baker

What happens when you introduce booze to your sweet tooth? You experience mouthwatering, mind-altering bliss in every morsel of an alcohol-infused dessert. Whether you're a regular at Sunday brunch sipping unlimited mimosas or a baking goddess whose kitchen is her sweetened sanctuary, these delicious alcoholic treats will make a glass of white wine and red velvet cupcakes turn green with envy.

Margarita Bars

In your world, margaritas come both before and after dinner. So, make sure to save room after you consume drinks and guac. You're gonna need it for these tart confections bursting with hints of tequila and lime. Yes, a creamy lime bar and pretzel crust dusted with powdered sugar is exactly how you should top off your Mexican fiesta.

Recipe at PrettyPlainJanes.com.

Butterscotch Bananas With Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Butterscotch bananas? Enough said. This unlikely pairing is guaranteed to sweeten your palate with each smooth bite. Since rum is the star ingredient, go for a classic. A splash of Captain Morgan flambés the bananas, creating an indulgent dessert that is rich in caramelized flavor and cooled by vanilla ice cream.

Recipe at RealSimple.com.

Boozy Orange Hot Chocolate

Orange liqueur and brandy start off this drink. Then add marshmallows, melted dark chocolate drizzle and fresh orange zest. Can your mugs even handle this? This hot chocolate beverage with citrus flair and a boozy tingle will warm you up in wintry weather.

Recipe at Momtastic.com.

Cherry-Merlot Winesicles

Kick back and relax with these frozen vino favorites. Blend red merlot with fresh, pitted cherries, and pour this plush mixture into popsicle molds. Each popsicle bursts with flavors of fresh cherry tartness and smooth hints of plush blackberry. Use hot water to release the popsicles easily, and since these alcoholic ice pops melt quickly, serve them with cups.

Recipe at Foodess.com.

One Bowl Whiskey Chocolate Cake

Attention chocolate lovers! This one's for you. Imagine sinking your teeth into an irresistible chocolate cake smothered with fudge ganache frosting spiked with Irish cream liquor. The best part of this recipe is that it calls for an (optional) overload of Lucky Charms marshmallow topping. Because, why not?

Recipe at HowSweetEats.com.

Drunken Oreos

Drunken Oreos are the new Jell-O shots. Your next party will go down in history if you serve these sandwiched sweets. Made with vodka, milk and Oreo pudding mix, these cookies pair well with White Russians and disappear in no time.

Recipe at FoodBeast.com.

Vodka and Rum-Soaked Gummy Bears

As if it couldn't get any better than chocolate-covered gummy bears, now you can eat them spiked with your favorite flavored vodka (or rum). The options are endless, from cherry and green apple vodka to coconut and pineapple rum. Soak the gummies with liquor in the fridge for 24 to 48 hours, and your candy bears are ready to party.

Recipe at ABeautifulMess.com.

Blue Moon White Ale Cupcakes

What goes together better than beer and cupcakes? Unlike other booze-infused desserts, you don't just get a hint of alcohol. These cupcakes actually taste like a frosty glass of Blue Moon, especially if they're topped with foamy frosting and an orange slice garnish.

Recipe at BakeaholicMama.com.

Citrus Sorbet with Vodka

In the heat of summer, a glass of wine or bottle of beer just doesn't cut it. Bring happy hour to your home with homemade vodka-infused citrus sorbet. This easy post-dinner treat is light and refreshing for a summery date. Sprinkle lime zest and serve in martini glasses for a touch of sophistication.

Recipe at PopSugar.com.

Browned Butter and Bourbon Blondies

Butter and bourbon? Say no more. These confections are so moist and sweet that each bite dissolves into buttery bliss in your mouth. Each brownie square offers hints of smooth bourbon, along with toasted walnuts, milk chocolate chips and browned butter. Indulge in these treats during an autumn camping trip while relaxing fireside during the cool evening.

Recipe at SavingDessert.com.