An Ode to Eggs

A fantastic source of protein and a culinary wonder, eggs are among my most important ingredients in the kitchen. If I want to build a creamy mayo, I need eggs. If I'm working on a fluffy cake or cookie recipe, I turn to eggs. If I want to turn a salad into a nutritional powerhouse, I add eggs. If I want a natural energy boost in my breakfast, eggs are on the menu. You get the idea.

Some people find themselves intimidated by eggs, but a little understanding of how they cook and interact with other ingredients will have you turning to them for everything from breakfast to dinner and appetizers to dessert. Instead of deluging you with recipes, I'm going to share a fun article about over 100 ways to cook eggs. Get the low-down on nearly everything you might want to use eggs for/in when it comes to the kitchen. Me? I want to talk about how fantastic eggs are when it comes to welcoming spring. There's little else on the planet that gets me swooning about spring than a plate that looks like this:

Fresh spring asparagus and lovely morel mushrooms are dreamy together, but what pairs with them and makes it a work of seasonal art? A perfectly cooked egg, of course. Suddenly, an egg with a little crisp around the edges of the white and a yolk that's just been warmed through to create the world's easiest and most sublime sauce takes two great spring stars and creates a symphony of flavor that absolutes sings about spring. I can't think of a better way to welcome the season, although I'm sure there are those diehards out there thinking of something like this:

So yeah, eggs have a little bit of something for everyone out there. Whether you are looking to pair the finest spring has to offer and melt it into perfection with eggs or wondering if the Easter Bunny is real and happy about brightly-colored hard-boiled eggs either way, eggs are the kind of ingredient that, if missing from a kitchen, leave a hole that's incredibly difficult to fill. Here's hoping the upcoming holiday has you paired with just enough of them to have you welcoming spring and recognizing how wonderful they make our kitchens and tables!