Take Your Palate on a Culinary Journey

Being recognized by the James Beard Foundation is one of the most prestigious honors for a chef. The not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization's intention is to enrich, nurture and preserve the diverse culinary culture America celebrates. Based out of New York City, the foundation maintains the historic James Beard House in Greenwich Village, where visiting chefs are invited to flex their culinary muscles in a performance space preparing dinner for food enthusiasts.

What's the best way to experience this type of passion and prestige outside of Manhattan? Try by sea. Traveling the open waters affords the opportunity to explore a world of diverse cuisine. Does it surprise you that Celebrity luxury cruise liners are home to James-Beard-featured chefs like director of culinary operations Chef John Suley?

A Culinary Journey

Even the best chefs get accustomed to their style and city. Travel comes only a few times a year. Chef Anthony Bourdain has the right idea. His life is a journey and with each destination comes a higher knowledge of the world, its cultures and extreme cuisines.

While you can travel anywhere in the world on a classy cruise ship, a Caribbean cruise out of Miami is a passport to luxury as you sail the crystal-blue waters surrounding Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Belize, St. Kitts and Aruba to name a few. You've probably heard of the adventures to be had when stopping at different ports, like a Bermuda swim with the dolphins experience or a Belize cave tubing and snorkeling trek. But one of the main focuses of a cruise is to provide 24/7 classic, contemporary and unique food options to all types of palates.

Liquid Art

With James-Beard-featured Chef John Suley at the Celebrity Reflection kitchen's helm, your taste buds will burst with delight and you will leave craving more. Along with culinary artist Suley, comes "The Liquid Chef" Junior Merino. The Food Network explains his methods of gastronomy used at the ship's Molecular Bar where mixology engages the senses as liquid concoctions are crafted by hand. He builds flavors with foams, airs, liquid nitrogen and spherification to create fun and unique libations that can pair delicately with small plates or boldly with large meals.

Mouth-Watering Variety

Not only is there diversity of influences in food and drink but there are restaurant options. Feel like getting dressed in your fancy party dress? Walk across the ship deck into the sophistication of world-class French cuisine, or let go of your dining inhibitions at trendy restaurants where you can order items like sushi lollipops, a taco "Royale" or lobster escargot from an iPad.

Just finishing up tanning beside one of the onboard pools and want to eat in your swimsuit? Head to a casual grille for lawn and ocean views while enjoying Mediterranean vegetable flatbread or a bountiful salad bar.

Interested in winning a luxurious cruise vacation? Visit jamesbeard.org for information on how you can enter a raffle where the winner will receive a 7-night Caribbean cruise with round-trip business elite airfare and premier accommodations.