Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

We all love a great outdoor party in the middle of the summer. Time to relax, spend time with friends and family while sparking up the bbq and lounging in the pool. Here are some helpful tips on how to make entertaining outdoor easier and whats new for hosting parties this summer!

Setting the Stage

  • Leave your paper plates and glasses in your cupboards and don't scare your guests with glass outdoors. Now you can find BPA free outdoor acrylic glasses and steam-ware that's fully dish-washable. Choose exciting colours that set the mood and your guests will be at ease.
  • Find some outdoor tiki torches to set a tropical mood. Tiki torches add warmth to an area and the flame is proven to be relaxing. If you choose to fill your outdoor torches up with citronella oil you can keep those pesky mosquitoes away from your guests.
  • Use votive candles or umbrella lights as the night slowly progresses. The charming warmth of both provides just enough light to continue well into the night.
  • Find a heat source. If you do a fair bit of entertaining think about investing in a patio heater that can extend your nights and add comfort well into the night.
  • Invest in some inexpensive party tubs usually available in vibrant colours. You can line them with all your refreshments and save you time from walking in out of your home.

Outdoor Food & Refreshments

  • Keep your menu simple your guests don't want to be stuck at the table. Instead of a formal 3 coarse meal emphasis appetizers or a cocktail menu. Instead of using large dinner plates use smaller dessert plates. Think about items you can hold in your hands and won't make a mess like chicken skewers easily grilled on any bbq.
  • Dig out your punch bowl or punch dispenser the popularity of punch is back. If your purchasing a punch dispenser find a clear one that will show off the vibrant punch colours.
  • What's your signature drink? Here's your chance to show off your cocktail shaking abilities. Creating a signature drink for your parties is a growing trend.
  • Brunch parties are chic. Now popular your brunch parties consist of fresh fruit, some french toast with some freshly squeezed orange juice. Be the first to host a summer brunch party and don't be surprised to receive a brunch party invitation this summer.

We all enjoy outdoor entertaining and hopefully some of our tips will make your experience more pleasurable. Find our Insideout Patio Furniture store in Toronto and let us help you with your next backyard party.

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