My Ode to Coffee

Eyes may be tired, closing and closing asleep
But the smell of the coffee stops you drifting too deep
Ears hear the bubbles of a cup ready to be poured
The eyes open wider waiting to be awed

Is it the smell like a jungle that appeals to the taste
Or just the way that it overtakes the mouth in a slow haste
When you taste the right coffee made to perfect
Your day starts off bright and you know you will affect

So what is it truly about coffee we love
It is as hard to say as defining the word above
For the pleasures are not simple as not is life
So perhaps it is just this reflection of your day that you taste
Every sip simply taking away from that strife

Coffee can lift you up and invoke the feeling of a guilty pleasure in your mind.

You are probably like me, you can't understand why you love coffee so much, you just know you do. I still remember those days when I was young and couldn't stand the smell of my parents' coffee in the mornings.

However, a school friend brought me onto the joys of a milky coffee which slowly but surely turned into a dependency. I guess it is a drug. It is my guilty pleasure as my years move on by. For me, nothing beats a good cup of coffee with the ambiance and company to match.

The funniest thing I have discovered recently though is the magic of putting soft brown sugar in your coffee. I only tried this as we ran out of sugar in the house and all that I could find was this bag of sugar that we usually use for baking. I thought why not and so heaped a spoon in. Lo and behold, somehow the flavor of that sugar just perfectly enhanced the coffee to make it taste out of the world. So if you want to experiment with your coffee then that is something worth trying.

The purpose of this call out to coffee is to bring back people's passion for coffee in the home. However, rediscovering the joy and experimenting with making a great coffee by yourself in your own home can bring your house back to life and turn your home and family back into the center of entertaining and conversation as I believe it should be.


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