Perfecting Microwave Popcorn

Usually about once a week, I sit down with my family and watch a movie. Part of that ritual often comes in the form of a giant bowl of popcorn. Sometimes it's covered in Cajun spices. Sometimes it's lightly sugared, kettle corn style. Every time, it's part of the fun of watching a movie together.

Instead of opting for expensive, flat-tasting microwave popcorn from the store, I make my own. Now, I could pull out a kettle and make it on the stove, but I save time and dishes by opting to make it in the microwave. Now, microwave ovens vary, so if you try this recipe, rely on your ears more than the times suggested in the recipe. You'll be delighted to find light, fluffy popcorn that's lightly buttered. If you want to add more to it, opt for spices that aren't in big chunks, as they will fall to the bottom of the bowl. I enjoy garlic powder and popcorn or table salt. I've also gotten intrigued by smoked paprika and a powdered cheese sprinkle I get from my local spice store. Get creative and enjoy that summer flick as summer warms up all around us!

Homemade Microwave Popcorn

  • 2-3 T. butter
  • 1/3 c. unpopped popcorn kernels
  • Seasonings, as desired
In a large bowl with a loose-fitting, ventilated lid, microwave the butter for one minute or until melted. Add the popcorn kernels and mix lightly to make sure all of them are coated in melted butter. Place the bowl with the lid loosely covering it in the microwave and cook it on HIGH for 5-6 minutes or until there are 3-4 second pauses between popping. Carefully remove the bowl (it will be hot) and season your popcorn as desired. My favorite option is a 1:3 ratio of garlic powder and salt. Here's a situation where lighter salt makes a lot more sense than heavier coarse salts, which will simply fall to the bottom of the bowl. If desired, more melted butter can be added as well.
  • Yields: 2 servings
  • Preparation Time: 6 minutes