Through the Kitchen Window

So, as has happened many times in this space, three days past deadline, I’m re-writing my column. It happens for various reasons. Sometimes I’m proof reading and I decide it’s just not working so I start over. Sometimes something happens that just MUST take centre stage. And sometimes . . . well sometimes it just seems like a good idea.

We’re less than a week from “m” day around here and the order of the day is boxes. Boxes that are full and taped shut. Boxes that are almost full but need a few more things in them first. And boxes that still haven’t been built yet.

I have no dishes in my cabinets, but I still have all of my cutlery out. Only two pots and one pan left, a few utensils but no basting brush. I know, I know, it doesn’t seem a big deal not to have a basting brush out, but I made ribs tonight!!! Have YOU ever tried basting ribs with a fork??? It’s an adventure to say the least. But by the time this is published, we’ll be settling into our new home, so I guess, you have to pack sooner or later!!! Please remind me, however, that I AM NOT moving again!!!

Anyways, on to the reason for changing my column tonight. Tonight I met the people who bought my house. They’re a young couple, not yet married, named Meghan and Josh. As soon as I met them, I knew my house would be in good hands.

They’re very sweet kids. Polite, very friendly and full of questions about the neighbours and area. They also had all kinds of wonderful things to say about what we’ve done with the house. It was a good feeling to have met them and to be able to talk to them a bit. Besides the obvious questions they had about the neighbourhood and such, we were able to walk them through the routine with the hot tub, show them how to get the gas “wood” stove started and give them the low down on garbage and recycling days. But more than anything else, it gave me a good feeling. Made me feel better about handing over the keys.

I’ve always known that this house was an “interim” house. It was purchased as a stop gap between having to sell the matrimonial home and getting my life in order because I had one more son who needed to finish high school. Even so, I became attached to the house because we put a lot of work into it when we first moved in, but also because it was my first venture into the housing market on my own. I qualified for the mortgage. My name was on the title deed. Quite an accomplishment for a woman who, when she first was separated, couldn’t even get a credit card!!!

This house is and always will be very special to me. As soon as I met Meghan and Josh I knew they were perfect for “my” house. That gave me a great feeling. And when she hugged me as they were leaving . . . well that just put paid to the whole thing.

It’s been a good home for my kids and myself. It’ll be a good place for this young couple too.

The next few weeks will be a frenzy of finding new places for my stuff. Getting new stuff to replace the old stuff. Exploring our surroundings, since we’re moving back to the city after over twenty years in the country. I’m looking forward to this new chapter, and you can bet you’ll catch glimpses of it in this very space from time to time.


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