Seasoned Opinions

A traditional Thanksgiving dinner includes roasted turkey and all the fixings, but that doesn't mean that everyone's table will look the same. Whether it's the side dishes that make your meal unique or a twist on the traditional centerpiece, we'd like to hear about what makes your Thanksgiving table special. Maybe the meal itself is a tribute to the tried and true and dessert is where you make a change each year.

Over the years, I've tried a few changes here and there. Sometimes it's changing the cooking techniques (e.g. a grilled turkey instead of a roasted one) or incorporating new ingredients into the meal (e.g. wild rice and dried apricots in the stuffing). Then there are those years where a fun theme runs throughout the meal (e.g. southwestern flavors and ingredients within a traditional meal). As much as I love the traditions that surround Thanksgiving, I'm too much of a foodie to avoid tinkering a bit! So this month, we're asking you to share your adventures in tinkering with Thanksgiving dinner too.

Each month, we ask a different question here. Your answers and feedback will appear below in the comments section. We encourage you to check out everyone else's answers and make comments and suggestions. This is a great way to get to know people who love reading this electronic magazine. Who knows, your next Internet friend may be a few clicks away!