Seasoned Opinions

February brings us some of the coldest weather of the entire season. It also brings us Valentine's Day. Frankly, I don't think it's a coincidence. A day made for snuggling close and enjoying decadent food and, of course, dessert is perfect in the middle of the frigid winter. So kudos to the holiday timing. Let's celebrate by sharing a little sweetness here. We're hoping you'll share your favorite kinds of chocolate ... if only you could send it to us, too!

I'll begin. I guess my favorite kind of chocolate is actually seasonal in nature. This time of the year, it's a big mug of hot chocolate. Maybe spiked with a flavored liqueur, but definitely steaming and made with milk or even cream. I save low-fat for other things. Chocolate, by its very nature, is simply decadent and that's how I like to enjoy it. But, in summer, I tend to want my chocolate cold. That's when a rich, creamy chocolate gelato pops to the top of my favorite list. In the fall, I tend to seek the classic comfort of chocolate chip cookies or other simple baked goods. Maybe it's in response to a hot summer in which there was less baking going on. And when spring comes into the picture, fun chocolate pies make me smile. My favorite is a good, classic chocolate cream pie.

Each month, we ask a different question here. Your answers and feedback will appear below in the comments section. We encourage you to check out everyone else's answers and make comments and suggestions. This is a great way to get to know people who love reading this electronic magazine. Who knows, your next Internet friend may be a few clicks away!

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