Seasoned Opinions

When the hot summer sun has us all sweating and hoping for rain, we can quench our thirst for something cool in so many ways. Whether it's a tall glass of lemonade, iced tea or a fun summer cocktail, it's time to enjoy the best of summer in a glass. This month, we're asking you to share your favorite. So, kick back, relax and enjoy the coolest spot you can find with the drink of your choice.

I'll begin and give two of my favorite drinks. First, on a really hot day, it's really hard to beat lemonade. I like a tall glass with ice and some fresh mint leaves for a little twist. My other favorite is a melon martini that I put together one evening when I was inspired by a fresh bottle of midori. Simply mix 3 parts vodka with 1 part midori, 1 part watermelon syrup and a splash of lime juice. Shake with ice and pour into glasses and enjoy. It's a great summertime cocktail and one you'll be having alongside everything from grilled seafood to fresh summer salads.

Each month, we ask a different question here. Your answers and feedback will appear below in the comments section. We encourage you to check out everyone else's answers and make comments and suggestions. This is a great way to get to know people who love reading this electronic magazine. Who knows, your next Internet friend may be a few clicks away!

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