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Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

Get some great ideas for the cooks on your list!

Seasoned Greetings

Read our interactive greetings to you all and add your own holiday thoughts to the mix!



Editor's Note

Look to this month's issue to cover everything from doing your holiday shopping to helping you get enough sleep.

Rise 'n Shine

A fun and festive breakfast ring delivers all of your morning favorites in a simple pastry ring.

Rush Hour

Enjoy a creamy seafood fondue with your family while getting into the holiday spirit.

Phil's International Flair

Take advantage of differing cooking time by stuffing chicken breasts with your favorite seafood.

Meet Herb

We're continuing our exploration of ginger this month.

Cooking Corner

Enjoy some tips on cutting onions and avoiding tears in this month's comic strip.

Seasoned Opinions

'Tis the season for family traditions -- what are your favorites?

Victoria's Vegetarian Victuals

Enjoy a wide selection of the holidays' best goodies.

Land of Leftovers

One great Mediterranean filling makes for three great meals.

Happy Endings

This cake is so tasty that it doesn't need frosting, but a spoon of cinnamon vanilla yogurt can add a special touch to your holiday entertaining.

Health & Fitness

New research indicates that frequently sleeping less than eight hours can be as harmful as a bad diet or lack of exercise ... and maybe as risky as driving drunk!
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