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October 2000 Issue
by Ronda L. Halpin
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    "An apple orchard is sure to bear you several crops beside the apple. There is the crop of sweet and tender reminiscences, dating from childhood and spanning the seasons from May to October, and making the orchard a sort of outlying part of the household. You have played there as a child, mused there as a youth or lover, strolled there as a thoughtful, sad-eyed man. Your father, perhaps, planted the trees, or reared them from the seed, and you yourself have pruned and grafted them, and worked among them, till every separate tree has a peculiar history and meaning in your mind."

    - John Burroughs

Welcome to the October issue of Seasoned Cooking. Mr. Burroughs has certainly hit the nail on the head when it comes to thoughts of orchard memories. This month, we're bringing in the best of the fall harvest and offering you our favorite memories and recipes to warm your heart as the chilly weather arrives. We begin our special autumn treat with a stroll down memory lane with a feature called Orchard Memories that combines the best of history and cooking. Warm your heart and soul with thoughts of the good 'ol days and tastes of apple bliss. Continue the celebration of the apple bounty with a visit to Victoria's Vegetarian Victuals for more recipes featuring the forbidden -- or magical -- fruit. If that's not enough to satisfy your cravings for apple recipes, stop by Happy Endings for a homemade pie recipe that features a perfect blend of apples, rhubarb and mulberries.

Moving onto other culinary matters, we find more thoughts of Alaskan seafood in Phil's International Flair this month. Back from another fishing trip, he's sharing a creamy chowder featuring salmon and halibut that's sure to banish even the most stubborn chill. It certainly did the trick for Phil after a day of fishing in the cold Alaskan rain! If you're in the mood for another recipe featuring halibut, stop by Meet Herb for a steamed halibut dish that gets an extra flavor boost from coriander. This month's column is focused on this herb that's also known as cilantro. Another place to look for seafood dishes is the Rise 'n Shine column. In an effort to continue its series on breakfast toppings and sauces, this month's column presents a creamy sauce that gets its distinctive flavor from smoked trout and chives. Try it this weekend with the egg recipe suggested in the column or over your favorite rendition of Eggs Benedict. While it's touted as breakfast fare, this elegant cream sauce finds itself right at home at your dinner table as well.

Speaking of breakfast for dinner, this month's Rush Hour column brings traditional pancakes to the weekday rush. An easy and tasty recipe of onion-flavored pancakes with a creamy mushroom-clam sauce makes serving dinner in the middle of the week fun and new. And, because you can take advantage of your trusty griddle, dinner can be on the table in literally minutes. Another place to look for quick meal ideas this month is the Land of Leftovers column. A look at grilled portabella mushrooms takes us on a culinary adventure that spans two unique meals. With a little planning and a lot of fun, two great meals that are equally at home on the dinner table or at a tailgate party can be yours tonight.

Wherever you choose to enjoy the recipes, hints and tips packed into this month's issue of Seasoned Cooking, make it a fun experience. Here's to a seasoned lifestyle.

    Ronda L. Halpin

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