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February 1999 Issue
A Spoonful of Sugar
by Krafty
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The first day was quite difficult. I had to go on a special shopping trip, and passing by all the usual treats gave me a crick in the neck. On top of that, I realised I couldn't (for now) have anything on toast, and not being particularly culinary in inclination I was at a bit of a loss. Getting two litres of water to pass my throat was also more difficult than I thought, especially tap water which in my area is much less palatable than could be desired. I went shopping again and bought a water filter. Heating a mug of water for a minute in the microwave also made thing easier on that front - I pretended it was coffee.

Halfway through the second day, I realised I was not hungry, I had no discomfort and my mood was pretty good. A couple of times I found myself at the coffee machines, but remembered just in time. I must have made a strange impression on passers by when, about to put in the coins, I jerked my arm back and shouted "OH, NO", and scurried away.

By the end of the first week I had lost four pounds. I also had less back ache - a by-product I had not anticipated, but which makes sense when you think that my kidneys were getting a good wash and my spine was supporting less blubber.

I have now developed a real interest in the food I eat. I'm still not interested in cooking, but strangely enough the food I eat tastes better and I am trying out all sorts of stuff I wouldn't have bothered with before. And I'm looking forward to wearing a size or two less than now.

I have used the word "less" a lot in telling you all about my new diet, but the truth is I have gained so much from what I have lost. It's a whole new adventure!

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