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December 1998 Issue
Four Selections
by Ronda L. Halpin
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If you've been to the cooking section of a bookstore lately, you can understand the sometimes overwhelming selection available today. Interested in baking? How about grilling? How about vegetarian thai cuisine? It's all there and more.

It's wonderful to have such a huge selection of cookbooks available. You can stick with the tried and true meat and potatoes selections that grandpa would have been lost without and explore uncharted waters with new recipes that include international overtones and new techniques for preparation. There are even books dedicated to helping you create such dishes in ways that are healthier, faster, and more fun than they have been in the past. You've never had such a good excuse to keep your table from getting monotonous.

In an effort to help you sort through just a few of the options available to you, I've provided four reviews of some of the cookbooks I've gotten over the last year. They are:

To be fair, I've tried to include information about the general layouts of each books, some of the topics and recipes covered (recipes cannot be reprinted due to copyright laws), and how each book might be best used. I've also included some information about the authors and where you might find these books for purchase.

Before we dig in, I'd like to encourage you to suggest other cookbook titles for review. We'd like to feature cookbook reviews periodically in Seasoned Cooking and are interested in your suggestions and submissions. With that said, let's get on with the reviews!

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