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December 1998 Issue
Dessert Menu
by Royce Smith
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Greetings readers!

May your holidays be filled with the warmth and love of the season! May there be peace in your lives throughout the new year!

As we approach the Christmas season, many a home will be found baking, baking, baking! In last month's column, I told you that our "Season" begins in November and end in January. I was terribly incorrect and was corrected by a friend of mine who promptly stated that ball season doesn't end until Valentine's Day. We just "let up" a bit after New Year's but there are at least two more balls before we retire them for the winter.

In this edition, however, I decided to stay with the main stream of things and enter a collection of desserts that are found on the dessert table for my family during Christmas. The child in me still makes dessert one of the most important moments of dinner and I relish good dessert on the Christmas menu.

Hopefully, you will enjoy them and they will help to create memories for you during your holidays.

On our "menu", we have:

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