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November 1999 Issue
by Michael Fick
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Dear Readers,

Last month I discussed and demonstrated the fact (in my opinion) that not everything worth doing is worth doing to the best of one's ability: that when the alligators are numerous and close, we must take shortcuts to relieve the stress yet fill the square. My shortcut last month consisted of hastily keyed comments about the validity of doing some things quickly rather than perfectly.

Well, as an astronaut landing on a wet planet might have said, "The alligator has landed." The moving van arrived Oct 20, following some 50 of the most hectic, sleep-deprived days in recent memory. I didn't see my computer again until nearly November, when the streak hit about 60 days.

As a result, this is all yer gonna get this month.

I apologize, but I can't spare even the hour last month's column was allotted, as every hour of nap time is getting crucial as I face a solo, quick 1200 mile drive.

See you in December. And thanks for your patience.

    Mike Fick

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