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October 1999 Issue
For Breakfast, Brunch or Anytime!
by Ronda L. Halpin
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Doctors everywhere are telling us to eat more fruit. For some of us, that's easy. But sometimes there's that craving for something more. That's where fruit muffins come in. They're often as sweet as our favorite desserts, hearty as a bowl of steaming oatmeal and satisfying as any comfort food. In addition, many include a combination of fruit, nuts and grains that make them a healthy choice for breakfast, brunch or snacks.

With all of the fruit options available to consumers today, there shouldn't be a shortage of combinations to try in your next muffin adventure. Fruits that were once available only during local harvesting times or not at all are finding their ways into your grocery aisles. And, with more fruits being frozen and dehydrated, storing them for longer periods of time is an option many didn't have even a few years ago. In the end, that means being able to have the ingredients for tasty fruit muffins on hand at any time of the year -- even if a muffin baking adventure hadn't been planned in advance!

The muffins in these recipes can be frozen if a dozen sounds like too much to tackle in a few days. However, if you invite a few friends over, you're likely to find that one batch just isn't enough! Whether you enjoy them first thing in the morning or pop one into your lunchbox, these versatile gems are sure to bring a smile. What a nice way to eat fruit!

Here's what's on the menu:

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