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February 1998 Issue
by Ronda L. Halpin
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Welcome to this first issue of Seasoned Cooking. This is our best issue yet! Of course, we are all excited to be starting out on this great culinary adventure here at Seasoned Cooking. This issue is packed with great recipes, decorating ideas, and fitness tips. There is even a column devoted to activities for the kids. We're called Seasoned Cooking because cooking is our focus, but we are all about a seasoned lifestyle. Presenting a balanced and healthy lifestyle is important to all of us.

In addition to the great features and columns you'll find in each issue of Seasoned Cooking, several neat resources are also included in each issue for your use. Every recipe we publish is linked to in our special recipe index. Also, we host exclusive message board topics ranging in topic from feedback on the ezine to recipe swaps to thoughts on new products. If you want to be among the first to hear about a new issue's publication, join our private mailing list and get a complimentary recipe or tip with each mailing. Our Seasoned Links index gives our readers a chance to check out Internet sites that are among the most specialized cooking, crafts, and fitness centers in the world.

Seasoned Cooking is also dedicated to providing a format that is both functional and flexible. Therefore, you'll find that each article is presented in two formats: one that is best suited to the Internet and another that is specially designed to be printed. We understand that some of you will want to try out some of the ideas presented here and won't be able to access your computers at the same time. When you find an article that you want to use away from your computer and the Internet, simply click on the "printable version" link, print the article, and whisk it away to your other destination! It's just another way we are striving to help make our readers' busy lives a little less hectic.

Whenever possible, the recipes that are published in Seasoned Cooking include some useful information such as how many servings a particular recipe yields and a preparation time estimate. Unless otherwise stated, this time estimate includes both the time it takes to prepare ingredients and any time involved in baking or simmering.

This first issue of Seasoned Cooking is packed with some great ideas for your busy lifestyle. In honor of the Valentine's Day festivities that are traditions this time of year, we've included a unique feature article that presents a simple, yet elegant menu idea that is intended to be prepared and eaten by two. There are also a sampling of unique gift ideas for those desiring to be out-of-the-ordinary this year. You can get a taste of Mexico in Phil's International Flair. Or if you're in the mood for a variety tonight, try Choose-a-Flavor Baked Chicken for your Rush Hour. If you think that putting together a beautiful table is too much work, take a look at this month's Home Style article. We've even got the practical guide to New Year's resolutions in Mind and Body. Please take your time and enjoy this first issue of Seasoned Cooking. We enjoy bringing it to you and will be presenting new issues packed with seasoned ideas each month. Enjoy!

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