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October 1998 Issue
by Ronda L. Halpin
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Welcome to the October issue of Seasoned Cooking. This month's issue has a couple themes that compliment each other well. They are parties and gardens. In fact, one of our feature articles focuses on planning and hosting a garden party!

Some other garden related articles include: a feature on preserving your garden, readers' ideas about how to use your harvest, and some vegetarian delights featuring pumpkins and sweet potatoes. Krafty's on a roll with recycling the remains of her own "garden haircut" too. We're also welcoming a new columnist to our Seasoned Cooking family. You'll recognize Rossana S. Tarantini from some recent feature articles about cooking on the web and dinner clubs. Starting this month, she's bringing you a brand new column that will be focusing on herbs -- basil's on parade in October.

In addition to the party feature mentioned earlier, Jenny Wojcik brings us a special feature about how to make entertaining easier by keeping party supplies always on hand and Momma Gert's Place takes us to a special southern-style birthday celebration. There's a party just waiting for you this October!

In addition to all the other festivities, Phil continues his lesson on sauces, Rise 'n Shine takes you to Paris, and Rush Hour helps you make vegetable lasagna in 45 minutes. Chris Schaefer continues his coffee review by tackling home espresso/cappuccino machines, Home Style focuses on decorating and enjoying bathrooms, and Seasoned Opinions asks you about your kitchen helpers. It's one packed issue!

So...pour yourself a cup of coffee, turn on some relaxing music, slip your comfy slippers on and dig in. You deserve it. Here's to a seasoned lifestyle!

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