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July 1998 Issue
Seasoned Inspirations
by Ronda L. Halpin
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Ask our writers what they love most about writing for Seasoned Cooking and many will answer that it's the satisfaction they get when readers let them know about how they've used their ideas and how they've extended them. When someone tells me how they've made my recipes their own, it's heaven for me!

This month, we're featuring ideas from readers that are inspired by articles right here in Seasoned Cooking. I'm including links to the original articles that inspired our readers' ideas too. Enjoy and keep letting us know how you use the ideas shared in Seasoned Cooking.

Our first story of inspiration comes from Sarah, who found a neat way to present Breakfast Couscous. It's nice to see new twists on recipes we share. Here's Sarah's idea:

    "I tried your Breakfast Couscous recipe from the first issue -- it was great! However, one morning I found that I was out of cranberries. I tried the recipe with bananas instead! It was great too. Just substitute 2 small bananas (sliced) for the cranberries. Since they're pretty soft you don't need to cook them more than a few minutes. This version is a little sweeter and goes over really well with my kids. Thanks for the great breakfast ideas!"

Our second inspired reader was also poking around with breakfast ideas. Maggie Lawler rearranged the Breakfast Quesadillas recipe to suit her needs. This one is especially nice for someone watching their fat intake:

    "I tried this recipe using Second Nature egg substitute and reduced fat jack & cheddar cheeses, and it was delicious! I've also used leftover taco meat in it and a few sliced olives, chopped green onions, and fat free sour cream!! The possibilities are endless!!!"

Paul was impressed with a recipe for Tempura Rolls offered back in April. However, he took a step further and offered us a great sauce to accompany them! Here's what he had to say:

    "Great recipe for tempura rolls! Some people like having sushi with soy sauce. I prefer making up a little of the following to spruce up my choices:
    • 1/2 c. soy sauce
    • 3 T. brown sugar
    • 2 tsp. ground ginger
    • 2 T. saki
    Just mix it all together and place in small bowls around the table for dipping."

Charlette from NC reminds us that the inspirations found in Seasoned Cooking are not limited to the world of cooking. She took some table tips from Home Style and added them to her own gathering:

    "I recently had a lunch party in my relatively small apartment and dressed up my table with a flower arrangement surrounded by a few garden tools (spade, claw, etc.) placed in a medium-sized terra cota pot. I put the utensils in garden gloves and tied them with raffia. I had brightly-colored placemats and plates set in straw paper plate holders. Very cute!

    It was a big hit and was inspired by this article! Thanks so much!!!"

Well, there you have it. If you've got a great idea that you want to share with us, share away! Who might be gracing the pages of Seasoned Cooking too!

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