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July 1998 Issue
Valuable Disney Videos
by Lacey Julian
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How to tell a counterfeit:
  • The covers of these movies, other that a couple of the early classics, have rounded corners, if you find a square corner on a Masterpiece you know its been copied.
  • Robin Hood, Cinderella, Lady...Tramp, and Sleeping Beauty Classic versions have a black diamond on the top of the cover and a red diamond on the bottom.
  • A Masterpiece WITHOUT a hologram castle on the top front cover means it is a Limited Quantity release. The castle hologram means that these movies remain in the stores, that doesn't mean they are worthless, but they are not as collectible as the others.
  • An original Lady and the Tramp may have a paper label, but it for sure will have "Walt Disney Classic" printed in red ink on the black case inside the cover. Other than Lady..., there is never a paper label in the movie case. The titles are always embossed directly onto the case.
  • On the side of a black movie case, again other than the early Classics, you will always find embossed "BVHV" in orange or yellow. This stands for Buena Vista Home Video.
  • The safety tab, to prevent re-recording over, will show no evidence of remains. Originals are smooth on the bottom where others need to be broken off.
  • A new Disney manufactured video will have a rather large overlapping of plastic shrink-rap on the back. If your movie doesn't have this overlapping of plastic - beware of a fake.
I hope this clears up some of the mystique surrounding Disney videos as collectibles. For me and my dollar, well, I have no unopened movies, but I do have contented children. So, pop some popcorn, grab a comfortable seat, and relax in front of some of the best family entertainment to be found. And, buy a extra copy to leave unopened for an investment if you choose. Enjoy!
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