Sonja’s Persian Rice

Sonja’s Persian Rice (aka Crunchy Persian Rice)
Sonja Kokorsky, who gave Marina the recipe for this, used dill but my daughter doesn’t like dill much so changed it to saffron.
    Rinse basmati rice under running water until the water runs clear. Pour fresh water over the rice so that the water comes up to about an inch higher than the rice and let soak for four to eight hours. Change the water, add salt and boil the rice for five minutes. In a separate bowl, mix the drained rice with salt and pepper and saffron.

    In a pot with a thick bottom, pour a good quarter to half inch of olive oil, pile the rice and make it into a pyramid shape. Pour more olive oil over the top. Cover the pot with paper towel, put the lid on top and do not open again till the rest of the cooking is done. Put back on stove over max heat for five minutes then reduce to minimum for forty minutes more.

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