No camping trip would be complete without this traditional campfire treat. I like to spruce mine up with cinnamon graham crackers and the best dark chocolate I can find!
  • Marshmallows
  • Cinnamon graham crackers
  • Dark chocolate squares

Toast your marshmallows to your liking. I prefer a lightly toasted marshmallow, but I have met some who insist on actually burning them! So, go with what makes you smile.

Place one large square of chocolate on a cinnamon graham cracker square. Top the chocolate with a hot toasted marshmallow and, using another cinnamon graham cracker square to hold the marshmallow and chocolate in place, remove the marshmallow roasting stick. Allow the marshmallow to melt the chocolate and enjoy! Repeat until satisfaction has been reached!

  • Yields: As many as you want
  • Preparation Time: As long as you want
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