No Name Long Drink

This one was invented by my sister and brother-in-law.

This is a refreshing long drink invented, accidentally, at a family party.

Take a long drink glass, pour 1 inch of crushed ice into it, pour enough Vodka in to just cover the ice, fill the glass to 1 inch off the top with Ginger Beer (don't get this mixed up with ginger ale -- ginger beer is the same colour as bitter lemon, you should be able to get it in most Scottish pubs). Stir with a glass cocktail stick.

Now comes the tricky bit, once the liquid has stopped spinning, gently and slowly pour 1/2 an inch of Martini Bianco onto the ginger beer, due to the difference in specific density the vermouth should stay on top and mix very, very slowly with the rest, so you actually drink the vodka-ginger beer through the vermouth, not unlike drinking Irish coffee through the cream topping.

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