Macaroni Pie

Macaroni Pie that I grew up with. It is a favorite still today. My grandma used to save bits of boxes of macaroni and spaghetti and when she got about a pound or so, she would cook it up ... starting with the thickest ones first down to the thinnest last so they would all cook al dente at the same time.

A little overcooked did not hurt either. She would then drain the mixed pasta and put it back in the pot. Then she would add salt and pepper ... a little heavy on the pepper, 6 beaten eggs (do not let the pasta be so hot that it would scramble the eggs), and lots of grated Romano cheese ... at least 1/2 cup or more until it tasted like it should. We did not worry about raw eggs at that time. It should be blended together very well.

Then she would put olive oil in a cast iron skillet ... and when the oil was heated she would put all the pasta in the pan til it filled almost to the top. You would hear it sizzle and the smell while cooking made your mouth water. She would constantly shake the pan in a quick jerk so that the pasta would not stick ... and you could see it turn. She'd cook it on medium heat til the bottom was nicely browned, but not burnt and then... she did her magic trick... she would put a round platter over the pan and with one quick turn of the wrist transfer the spaghetti pie to the platter and just as quickly put it back into the pan uncooked side down.

Now... she kept it on the stove til she knew the insides were well done and bonded together with the eggs so that it would slice nicely. But I have heard that this was a good time to put it in a hot oven to finish cooking til the bottom was nicely browned also. By brown I mean a nice golden brown ... not burnt looking brown. I would eat this hot, cold, warm, any way it was!

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