Greek-Style Yogurt

  • Strainer or colander
  • Coffee filters
  • 1 medium-large mixing bowl
  • Full-fat, low-fat, or fat-free yogurt, plain unflavored

Line the strainer or colander with coffee filters, making sure there's an even layer of filters over the base of the container. Place the colander or strainer in the mixing bowl and pour the yogurt over the filters.

Place the bowl containing the strainer/colander in the refrigerator and allow to drain for 2-3 hours or overnight. The yogurt should be about as thick as sour cream. Straining will reduce the volume of the yogurt by about half, so plan accordingly. Fat free or reduced fat yogurt will work, but will not get as thick as full-fat yogurt.

  • Preparation Time: Overnight
  • Yields: 2 cups (If using 1 quart of yogurt)


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