Brewed Iced Tea

  • 4 regular tea bags (choose your favourite flavour or a combination)*
  • 2 cups fresh cold water
  • Water
  • Ice cubes
  • Granulated sugar or other sweetener
  • Lemon slices (optional)

Please make sure, if your tea bags are wrapped in paper, to remove all traces of paper, including any attached to the strings of the tea bags, then tie the strings together and place them in a 2 quart container that’s non-metallic and heat proof.

Bring 2 cups cold water (you should always start tea with fresh cold water) to a boil. Once you’ve achieved a lively boil, pour the water immediately over the tea bags.

Allow tea to steep for 30 minutes or more. This will be your base and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Remove tea bags, allow them to drip but do not squeeze out excess liquid and discard.

When you’re ready to serve, simply finish filling the pitcher with enough water to equal 2-quarts. Cover and refrigerate until well chilled before serving. If you wish to serve the iced tea right away, then add a dozen or so ice cubes to tea concentrate first, then fill with water to the 2-quart level.

To serve, pour tea over a generous amount of ice cubes in a tall glass, stirring in desired sweetening and a squeeze of lemon.

*You can use loose tea instead of bagged tea. Just measure two tablespoons of loose tea, into a paper coffee filter and seal tightly with a twist tie, or pour water over loose leaves (this is my preference) in a small heatproof container, then when ready, separate the liquid from the tea leaves using a strainer.

Variation: You can vary the flavours by substituting one tea bag for a bag of your favourite flavoured tea.

  • Yields: 8 servings
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