Spring Decor Updates

Trends come and go and we see this a lot when it comes to both fashion and interiors. It is so important to remember, however, that not all trends suit everyone when we're talking fashion (everyone has a different body shape and height for example) and it's not a good idea to buy into a trend just because you see or hear lots of publicity about it.

The same goes for interiors because not all trends will suit your home or your lifestyle. When you think about it, if you included all trends at one time in your home, there would more than likely be a complete clash and it would probably be difficult to live with! That said, it is always nice to update a home as a season changes. Even small changes can make a difference. For example, changing living room cushion covers sounds like a small move but it can instantly update a room. Some trends require a greater input and might even require renovation and so they need to be carefully considered. Research contractors carefully to not only try to achieve the best price but also to achieve the most reliable contractor.

The guys at EZ Living have put together this infographic which details all the major interiors trends for 2018 that you need to know about. Whether it's metallics, specific colour tones, textures, there is likely something to appeal to everyone. The infographic also includes some nice advice from industry experts. Check out the details below.